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Why I2I
Professional Ethics
RARE Philosophy
Outsourcing Module
Implementation Process
Off-site Infrastructure

Why I2I

When you associate your company with I2I you will have the advantage of banking on the combined skill set of its promoters as well as highly effective team managers. We have inbuilt processes for managing talent which ensures that you get the best and most motivated staff to handle all your tasks. This process provides an opportunity for creativity and flexibility, which creates increased value for you. We also have a network of dedicated professionals in each of the field of services that we offer and have established long-term associations with them.

Working with I2I group brings to you:
+ Immediate access to the resources you need to meet your accounting, fnancial reporting
+ Accurate, comprehensive and timely fnancial report packages for your management
+ An engagement team with a client-centered, customer focused mindset, committed to excellence
+ An evaluation and possible re-engineering of your business processes
+ Gained access to seasoned professionals with years of experience in a variety of specialized functions

Our experience has shown that strategic outsourcing can bring about a significant operational cost reduction for your organization. It also provides your company with access to a varied talent pool and so you can put their expertise to use on day-to-day workings.

professIonal ethIcs

I2I, having been founded and managed by Chartered Accountants, believes in highest standards of business ethics with complete commitment to total quality. While global partnerships and associations are being developed, and transactions are entered in a digital environment, customer security and discretions become of paramount concern. We strive to establish this TRUST with clients and believe that the long-term sustenance of any relationships depends on the commitment expressed by the partnership.

We understand that while global partnerships and associations are being developed, and transactions are entered in a digital environment, customer security and discretion become of paramount concern.

R.A.R.E Philosophy:

At I2I we work in accordance with our R.A.R.E. philosophy. This translates to Responsibility, Accuracy, Responsiveness and Empathy.

In sum, we accept total Responsibility for all the jobs we process.

We undertake to do the jobs Accurately with zero-tolerance of mistakes.

Our Response mechanism gives you a tool to off-load your organization’s concerns at a short notice.

We Empathize with our clients and their needs and will attempt to meet even the most unreasonable deadlines.

outsourcIng module

Our outsourcing module has a mix of people, processes and technology customized and targeted towards achieving the desired quality and cost reduction for our clients.

I2Is functioning methodology can be listed as follows:
  • On-site I2I Personnel:- The backbone of I2I, they handle routine day-to-day issues at the clients’ premises
  • Account Managers:- They oversee the day-to-day issues and interact regularly with the clients; ensuring quality is a way of life.
  • Operational Head:- Responsible for looking at the larger picture, the Operational Head discusses various reports and interacts with Client management at regular intervals to ensure effective provision of deliverables.
  • Senior Consultants/Advisors:- They interact with Client top management functionaries as and when required for specialized consultancies.

Through our tried and tested methodology, our outsourcing strategy embodies critical phases like planning, transition, migration of processes to offshore and continuous improvement.

ImplementatIon process

We have a policy of slowly evolving our client relationship in different phases by regularly increasing the volume of the services we can give you, so that you can better leverage our portfolio of outsourced services.

The processes we have already set in place provide for lower turnaround times resulting in significant cost saving and ensuring better quality.

How we go about it

Off-Site Infrastructure:

I2I is operating in an area of about 4500 sq.ft. We have a dedicated server with 24 hours power backup supported by Generator, 50 work stations with network and broadband access, AC and required Operating Systems, with latest server models and Wifi connections. The Company is operating from Bangalore, the startup capital of India and has associate/networking partners in other parts of the Country.

We utilize state of the art technology to ensure
  • Efficient data capture
  • High accuracy levels
  • Timely delivery
If necessary, we upgrade our technology to suit the client’s requirements.

Depending upon the sensitivity and security level of the data, we will upgrade all our security processes in line with your requirements. This is in addition to a continuous policy of maintaining international standards of security by adopting state-of-the art technology as it is made available.
We do not compromise on security. Ever.
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